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Vibration training is actually an old concept. It was used by the ancient Greeks to speed recovery from injury. They achieved this by wrapping one end of a sheet of fabric around the injured body part and the other around a flexible saw, which was manually wobbled to transmit vibrations to the injury. The vibration effect caught up with the mechanised age when Dr John Harvey Kellogg developed a vibrating chair, platform and bar in the late 1900s, which he used to treat a wide range of conditions in his patients.
The method of vibration used today, known as Rhythmic Neuromuscular Stimulation, was developed by Professor W Biermann of the former East Germany. This technique was refined by Russian scientists, who used it very successfully on the Cosmonauts in their space program to combat the effects of zero gravity on bone and muscle mass. The Russians then found that vibration training appeared to enhance the strength, power, vertical jump ability and recovery of their athletes.


It's simple: Take a classic exercise – let's say a press-up! This exercise will work your pectoral muscles and triceps. If you perform these press-ups on a vibration platform – ideally on an exactly vertically-vibrating platform that vibrates permanently up and down (up to 2.2 mm, 30 times per second, generating acceleration forces of up to 10G) – you will experience the following: Your muscles will constantly and involuntarily try to balance out the movements caused by the vibrations, and thus strongly intensify the occurring muscle contraction. After a few exercises you will already be able to see first results! Feel the difference with VibroGym!! 


The thing that appeals most to our clients is that training as little as 20 minutes, 2-3 times per week can give you the results you desire.  Spend your spare time socialising rather than being stuck at the gym!


There are a number of flexible membership options available ranging from session cards, to month-by-month, and 6 monthly memberships which start under $20 per session.


 "I lost 10kg during the 8 Week Challenge and reduced my Bio-Age by 7 years, as well as dramatically improving my core strength and flexibility.It was just the kickstart I needed to take my training and results to a new level". – Jenny Maugueret

"I have been training with Vibrabody in Albert Park since it opened and my fitness program consists of three sessions a week. I really enjoy the diversity and challenges of my Vibrabody sessions. The great thing about Vibrabody is that in 20 minutes I get a complete work-out and that really suits a busy person like me. I am one of the old guys and like to keep myself fairly fit. As a result of my regular Vibrabody sessions I feel my strength, flexibility and overall fitness is considerably better now than it was when I was in my 40s, and I wasn't in bad shape then."Peter - Age 62


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